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Monday, May 16, 2011

Powerful men do whatever they want

Ick.  So disgusted to hear about Schwarzenegger fathering a child with a member of his household staff.  Just ewww.  And the IMF chief who was arrested on Friday for raping a hotel maid - it's now coming out that there have been many complaints about him, and not just from low status domestic help (I'm not implying anything about her credibility or saying that she was "just" the help - I'm suggesting that Strauss-Kahn  preyed on all kinds of women, not just ones that had no power, no recourse, and no one to turn to).  Barely a month ago, Neveda Senator John Ensign resigned from Congress just before the report about his flagrant abuse of power surfaced (he had an affair with an aide's wife and paid the couple a large amount of money to keep the story quiet).  Endless stories about powerful men who abuse women or abuse their position in order to do whatever they want with women.  It's sickening and it just never stops.


Funny side note - the cover story of Time magazine the next week was exactly this topic, an excellent story written by editor Nancy Gibbs.  So I anticipated a major scoop!  Ha!



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