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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding

I haven't been following too closely, but I did set my alarm a bit early so I could catch the ceremony.  And I'm glad I did.  I thought it was lovely and I even got a bit choked up when they said their vows. (And I must admit that I was thinking of the very funny mangled vows that Rowan Atkinson says as the vicar in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, e.g. "the father, the son and the holy spigot" . . . though the priest said "the father, the son and the holy ghost" this morning.)

Here's some random thoughts about their wedding and relationship ~

Her dress was not quite what I expected, which I heard several commentators saying also.  But of course she looked perfectly beautiful.

I was struck by how they never touched during the ceremony, it was kind of sad - surely she would have liked to hold his hand or his arm during this crazy, difficult moment.  But their kiss on the balcony was so sweet.  She has such a pretty smile.

Ever since the interview after their engagement, when William talked about giving Kate his mother's ring, so that his mother could be a part of it, I have felt rather sad, knowing that his mother was not there to share this very important moment in his life.  (I'm getting a little choked up while I'm writing this!)

I read a profile of Kate in Newsweek a couple weeks ago.  One thing that struck me was their attempts to live as normal a life as possible together, for as long as possible.  They currently live in a rather remote cottage, with no servants.  It's kind of sweet.  The article also said that William really likes Kate's warm and close family, which has to be quite a breath of fresh air after his stilted and formalized upbringing.

Often I wonder if William is special enough to make this all worthwhile - people think that Kate is the lucky one, but I wonder why she would want to deal with all this.

Good example - a couple days ago, on NPR no less, they were discussing the wedding, and someone asked what the couple will do afterward.  The journalist answered that William will continue to work for the Royal Navy and Kate's job is to "breed" and have lots of babies.  Ick.  What a terrible word to use.  What a terrible expectation to have on you.  And I'm sure they want to start a family, but who needs people discussing you that way!



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