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Monday, April 18, 2011

TRH Conference - Day 4

Humanitarian Day!  Very excited to help the Immokalee Foundation.

[Weird side note - got a GF muffin in my breakfast box - it was good, but I threw it up when we got to the community center.  Really odd and surprising.]

Larry and the NY team painted some rooms while I tidied the Sunday school room.  When the painting was done and we had time left, me and a few others tidied the Sunday school supply closet (in truly disastrous condition - we were told they had been dumping stuff in there for 15 years).  Others planted bushes and put in a volleyball court and picnic shelter.  It was a great day (though we seem to have absolutely no photos!)

Dinner with the NY team at Truluck's restaurant in Naples. (Larry's entree, sea bass, was a lot more interesting than my mahi mahi.)  Before we left, the ladies posed for a photo.

 In the Ritz lobby, before we got on the trolley for downtown Naples.

I love this photo - me (in the background) talking with my hands.


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