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Sunday, April 17, 2011

TRH Conference - Day 3

Free time in the morning, so I had a (very pricey) spa treatment called Green Your Body - a sugar scrub and seaweed wrap.  Fun!  And I felt very "silky smooth" afterwards!

Then Larry and I lunched by the pool. I had the crab-citrus salad with lavendar vinegarette, which turned out to be my absolute favorite dish that I had the whole time I was there. Scrumtious!

Every time we ate outside, birds came and helped themselves from the bread basket.

Then Larry went to watch the meat cutters (his friend Arturo won!) and I hit the beach again (Joanne came down with me, but didn't stay long). The cabana boy made me pay for an umbrella , even though I used one that was already set up - such is life at a resort.


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