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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Weekend movies

Watched several worthwhile videos this weekend ~

Swedish Auto - I watched this largely because of the main stars, January Jones (best known for Mad Men) and Lukas Haas (best known for his childhood role in Witness).  I adore LH (he reminds me very much of my youngest brother; he was sensational in Leap of Faith and Brick).  Here he is very much wide-eyed and introverted, a shy mechanic who develops a relationship with a troubled waitress at a nearby diner.  The movie is a bit grittier than I expected, but also sweet in an off-beat way.
Let Me In - I was interested to see this remake of the Swedish film, Let The Right One In (based on a novel), which I had liked very much.  The idea of using the vampire genre to examine bullying was so interesting, and certainly relevant to America.  I don't think the remake is as affecting as the original, though they are very similar.  That may partly be due to me knowing how the story ends this time, and not knowing while watching the original.  Also, I think the fact that Eli turns out to be a boy in the original movie is quite significant and makes the story more poignant.  I understand why they left that part out of the American version, but I think it takes away from the movie.  Still very good and worth watching.

The Joneses - I'll watch David Duchovny in anything, and he's compelling as always in this interesting, though somewhat uneven, satire about consumerism.  The film could have been more biting than it was, but it still makes it's point very clearly, and is entertaining to boot.  The movie ends as I want it to, but the viewer can't help wondering how these two people can possibly build a life together.  Glad I watched - great cast and quite thought-provoking.



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