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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new car!

2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid.  MPH averages 41 city, 36 hwy!!
It's amazing to drive a brand new car - such a smooth ride.  And this is so **quiet**.

The layout of the car is very similar to my Sonata, which is over 9 years old!  It's kind of fascinating to me how little has changed in terms of the basics of an automobile.  There a few new features, mostly safety oriented, like additional airbags (one for my legs) and the rear view camera (which is taking a little getting used to, but is helpful).  Though I'm sure there would be more noticeable differences if I had bought a fancier car.

The big changes is in the media options.  I get free Sirius radio for six months, which is fun (and requires its own set of menu options).  More impressively, the Bluetooth works through the car, so I can talk the phone completely hands free.  I can also listen to media from my phone, including music and audio books.  It's very space-age!  These "Sync" features require their own separate owner's manual and I'm still learning how to use them all.


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