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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"Why do we let them dress like that?"

I heard the "beauty shop" group discussing this Wall Street Journal essay on Tell Me More today.  In the article, she starts off talking about the "way girls dress" even very young girls, but goes on to assert her theory about mothers of her generation regretting their own sexual shenanigans in college.  I didn't get that second part out of the NPR discussion, because they focused more on the lack of parents setting limits.  I buy that argument a lot more than the original author's - she says that all her peers express regret over their sexual past,s but I don't find that in my own peer group at all.  Of course, my friends tend to have kids cloer to my kids' ages - that is, preteen, and we're probably a bit younger than the author.  But I still think that the issue is more a result of permissiveness in general than it does ambivelence about Baby Boomers' youthful sexual behavior.

Aside - I posted this aricle on FB and got more responses than I've ever gotten (at least in the top 3).


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