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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TRH Conference - Day 5

General session in the morning.  Larry addressed the audience during Kent's presentation.

I just loved Chef Jeff's inspirational story (I read his book, Cooked, on the plane ride home - we got a free copy, autographed!)

After the session, we had a brief rehearsal for Wednesday night, and then headed to the beach for the volleyball tournament (no, I didn't play!)

For dinner, we went to the Ritz Golf Resort, 2 miles away, for an outdoor dinner and country music concert. Along with delicious picnic food, like bar b qued chicken and potato salad, they also had carnival booths set up, with lemonade, cotton candy, nachos, and so on. Really yummy and fun.  The sky was rather threatening, and right after we got there, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the distance:

I snuck out early and went to the (very upscale) mall, the Mercado, (halfway between the 2 resorts) to see a movie (Hanna, which was somewhat disappointing).  I spent about as much on 2 cab rides as I would have paid a sitter at home!


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