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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving my office

I had to move my office from the ancillary building I've been in since I was hired to the main hospital building.  It's a compliment to be given that space - close to the "action" (a secretary retired, and others were promised that room).  It's about the same size as the one I had, but it's an internal room, so I'm losing my window (good thing I got that full spectrum light last year; I hope my plant isn't too shocked by the change).  The room is really the other half of the mailroon, so it almost counts as a cubicle!  But it's not as high traffic as I expected and there's a refrigerator and microwave to use, which is important to me.

Moving is less complicated than I thought it would be.  I packed up faster than I expected, and unpacking wasn't too bad either.  It's good to have a chance to reorganize, though I didn't purge as much as I should have.



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