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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Haley’s Comet type of president"

This guy, at Sadly No, is as good as Matt Taibbi and has the same weird sense of humor. Here is some commentary on Bush v. Obama:

George W. Bush was really a Haley’s Comet type of shitty president, the sort that can only come around once every 80 years lest the country completely sink into oblivion. (Previous Haley’s presidents are James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover. As bad as Nixon was ethically, he didn’t leave his successor with a depression or a civil war — or, in Bush’s case, the worst recession since the 1930s and TWO unfinished wars.)

I think Bush has diminished our expectations of the presidency far too much. The president of the United States isn’t supposed to bog the country down in an endless series of foreign conflicts. He isn’t supposed to allow the economy to completely collapse. That Bush managed to accomplish both of these things during his glorious eight-year run is a testament of the man’s unmatched ability to suck at everything.

So yes, I think that while we can thank Allah that Bush is no longer president, we should hold Obama to some higher standards, particularly on his handling of Wall Street. Because otherwise, there won’t be “great” presidents anymore. There will simply be presidents who manage to not get us all killed.



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