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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trayvon Martin case

I just don't understand what the controversy is about - the (self-appointed) neighborhood watch captain chased the boy down the street and then shot him while the kid was on the ground.  He's not some sweet little old guy protecting his home.  Even the "Stand Your Ground" law that Florida has does NOT cover chasing someone.

And the heartless fuckers in the police department didn't even call the boy's family, though he had a cell phone on him.

How are people defending George Zimmerman?  Zimmerman was heard to say "They always get away with it."   With what, stealing some crap out of people's houses?  Even if Trayvon was the person who broke into local homes, he deserved to die?  Over what, a couple of laptops or a flat screen TV? When I lived in Philly, my car was stolen, and I was mugged in a public restroom, but I never thought, I wish I had a gun, or I wish someone would come along with a gun and kill this person who stole my stuff.  The thieves were jerks, but their crimes were hardly killing offenses.

The whole story is utterly depressing.  You think we're making progress, we have a black president for crying out loud, but then you read something like this.  Why do we need petitions and rallies and celebrity outrage before the right thing is done?

Sanford, Florida, shame on you!



Blogger Luscious Lisa M said...

Too True!
There shouldn't be any controversy here in the least. If the races were reversed e.g. a black man shot a white boy, the black man would be cooling his jets in jail so fast, there wouldn't be any press to notice. AND he'd probably have "fallen down the stairs" a few times on his way to the jail.
Shame on Sanford's Law Enforcement Community. Those involved appear to be CLEARLY guilty of Incompetence and Collusion in Racism/Racial Profiling and they should ALL be removed from their jobs. PERIOD. They've had plenty of time and notice to clean up their act. They haven't. Time for new management and to clean the house.

However, it will take way more. It is clear that this entire city/area needs some serious brotherly love outreach programming. Send Oprah. Send Lady Gaga. Send Bono. Send SOMEONE(s). (that last bit was a little tongue in cheek)

8:11 PM  

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