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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Israel trip, Day 3

Big day in Jerusalem - Yad Vashem in the morning*. 


Lunch in the Old City:


Then we shopped til we dropped in the market. Something for everyone and then some. 

Then we took a van to Tel Aviv, had dinner at a seaside restaurant recommended by a friend (Bernice), Manta Ray - delicious seafood and their signature presentation: 12 salads brought to the table, each of us chose something and then we shared, all were superb (eggplant, sushi, calamari, shrimp). 

Alana and I took a brief walk on the beach after dinner:


Then we went to the Dizengoff Mall (you read that right, in the mall!), where Larry and I got tattoos at "Tribal Tattoo" (from Nik, for 200 NIS each).

View 2012-03-11_21-05-23_530.jpg in slide show 

This is my tattoo, it says sh'ma which means "listen" (which I think is always good advice), plus it's the first word in the most important prayer in Judaism:

*This ended up being sort of a mishegas - we accidentally bypassed the entrance to the centerpiece museum, which is completely unmarked as such; we walked all the way to the back of the property to see the children's bldg (as recommended by Beth), stopped at the eternal flame, walked further back to the resistance fighters' memorial, then to the education bldg, and the art museum.  Then, we finally returned to the front of the property and realized we had missed the museum.  Children under 10 are not allowed, so Bobbie and Alana stayed outside and the rest of the group power walked through - it was very crowded and we were tired by then. Overall, not really the meaningful experience we had expected.



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