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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Israel trip, Day 6

We started out with a stop in Nazareth, for a tour of the Church of the Annunciation, built on the (supposed) spot where Mary Magdalene was born.  (The kids and I skipped the tour and walked down the main street, doing a bit of shopping.)  The tour guide talked about the solar water heaters, on the roof of every residential building in Israel:

Then we drove through Haifa, taking in the view from above the Bahai gardens. 


We had lunch at a Druize restaurant just outside Haifa:

Then wandered through the ruins at Caesarea (it was insanely windy, but most of us persevered, only Larry and Alana stayed in the bus). 


Then down the coast highway to Tel Aviv. Wonderful end to our final day - dinner at the home of lovely friends in Ramat Aviv, the parents of our 2011 scout, Yael - Avi and Varda:



Blogger Jodie said...

Glad all of you had a fantastic, although packed trip to Israel. Thanks for sharing the play by play and the real scoop Danielle. Craving felafel now. : )

So, if you had to plan it again, what would you do differently and what makes the top of the list?

9:19 PM  

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