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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oscar oversights

Probably most surprising is Michael Fassbender in Shame, a portrayal that has been widely lauded, as well as Albert Brooks, who got raves for Drive. Charlize Theron really killed it in a very unglamorous role in Young Adult.  And Tilda Swinton wowed, as always, in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

I was sorry that Jodie Foster (in Carnageand Ryan Gosling (in Ides of March) were overlooked.  And somewhat surprised that perennial favorite Keira Knightley got no love for a bravura performance in A Dangerous Method

Less widely noted, but no less deserving: Viggo Mortensen as Freud in A Dangerous Method and Vincent Cassel, who was also great in a smaller role in that film (as he reliably is in everything he appears in).

I alse read a brief article that noted that women are noticeably lacking in the writing and the directing categories, as always.



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