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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Even) more on Twilight

I'm still annoyed about the fan boy fuss directed at Breaking Dawn in particular and Twilight in general (as the juggernaut consumes the world's movie dollars, breaking the $300 million mark in less than a week), and I had a new thought, about the source of their spite.  I know part of it is the co-opting of the vampire genre, which clearly annoys a lot of folks.  But I'm also convinced that an unspoken irritation is Bella/Kristen Stewart, who is not portrayed as nearly sexy enough.  True, in the latest installment, she appears in a couple of honeymoon scenes clad in a bikini and negligees. But the ship has long since sailed on her persona - she's not "hot."  I really think that if she had been portrayed in a more traditional sexy and available way in the movies, the first one especially, much of the hostility toward the series would be muted.  Fan boy films require a hot girlfriend character, not jeans and hoodies and sensible shoes.  If they'd put her in a low cut top and a push up bra, tight jeans or a mini skirt, and slathered gloss on her plumped-up-with-collagen lips, I really don't think they would (still) be howling so loudly about how "stupid" these movies are.

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