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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Upcoming movies

My friend Suzanne and I were bemoaning the lack of buzzy Oscar bait and holiday movies, so I went onto imdb.com to refresh my memories about what's coming up in the next couple of months. I actually found a pretty decent list of upcoming films.  Nothing that I'm over the moon about, but some potentially very good stuff (the list below is the movies I want to see, not everything that's coming).  I'm including 2 movies scheduled for January 2012*

Like Crazy (great buzz)
The Descendants (Alexander Payne [Sideways] directs George Clooney)
J Edgar (Clint Eastwood directs Leo DiCaprio) 
A Dangerous Method (great cast, interesting story)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (based on a best-selling novel, bring kleenex)
New Year's Eve (I'm a sucker for these multi-story rom coms)
Carnage (adult satire with awesome cast, incl Jodie Foster)
Young Adult (another satire, with Charlize Theron, who I'll watch in anything after The Burning Plain)
The Darkest Hour (apparently brainy sci-fi action movie, with Emile Hirsch, and my current crush, Max Minghella)
Contraband (for cast only - I'll see Lukas Haas in anything)
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (for comparison purposes, plus Mara Rooney; teaser trailer was brilliant, best tag line of the year: "The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas")
MI: Ghost Protocol (for cast only - I'll watch Jeremy Renner in anything)
The Iron Lady (for Meryl Streep)
War Horse (bring a lot of kleenex)
Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut)
Another Earth (looks fascinating)
Melancholia (visually stunning and great performances)
*One for the Money (Katherine Heigl as Stehanie Plum; I haven't read the books but the preview makes it look terrific)
*We Need to Talk About Kevin (awesome cast - Tilda Swinton is getting raves, and I'm crushing a little on Ezra Miller after City Island)



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