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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Coffee time

Weird story:

A couple weeks ago, I got a free coffee at Brueggers, because we had a coupon from a previous visit.  So I tried their seasonal pumpkin spice blend.  It was surprisingly good.  The next time we went, I was planning to get another cup, but the clerk said they weren't serving it anymore, that the season for that flavor had ended.  I thought that was curious - you'd think pumpkin spice would be served at least through Thanksgiving (the women in line behind me said something very similar to this).

Because this seemed so odd, I made a point to stop at the Brueggers near my office, and they had the flavor.  I asked the clerk how long it would be served and he said, through the end of the year.

What the heck?  I don't know if the other clerk was lying or just confused.


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