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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Weekend movies

Watched some terrific movies this weekend ~

50/50 - the "cancer comedy" with JGL and Seth Rogan.  Not as funny as I expected - the previews contain almost all the jokes.  Darker and more poignant than it was promoted to be, but very good. (Though you could make the case that it was a tiny bit underwritten - maybe another draft or two could have ironed out a few weaknesses, but I'm quibbling, it was very enjoyable.)  Great performances all around, including Angelica Huston and Anna Kendrick, and JGL proves yet again that he can inhabit any role.  Side note - I tried not to identify too much with the mom character, because the story is told by her son, but it was hard - I really felt for her.

The Burning Plain (2008) - I got interested in this movie because I wanted to see Jennifer Lawrence in an early role.  But, wow!  A totally riveting film that reminded me a bit of Lone Star - multiple stories that occur in 2 time periods and overlap in very poignant ways (as you see events through the perspective of several different people).  The film is stuffed with excellent performances, including JL, Kim Basinger, and a scorching performance by Charlize Theron.  It was also beautifully and carefully constructed so that you gradually learn what happened and how it affected these characters.  It's a crying shame that this wasn't seen by more people.

Prom - this Disney offering was better than I could have hoped, with some decent acting and less saccharine than expected.  Kids enjoyed it too.



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