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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The next big thing

Listening to Chris Matthews and his guest (Matt something, I forgot), talk on Hardball about tonight's Republican debate.  And the guy is saying how the field is (still) dull and that it needs a candidate that will get people excited, like Marco Rubio or Chris Christy or "even" Paul Ryan.  And I have to admit, it made me so happy. When it was just Romney, early on, everyone said that exact same thing.  And Michelle Bachman got in the race and everyone was infatuated with her for about 5 minutes.  And then they started saying that if only Rick Perry would get in.  And he did.  And everyone swooned over him for 5 minutes.  And now they're saying if only if only.  And I think this is why Obama is going to win (no matter how discouraged progressives are) - because the Republicans just don't know who they are anymore. 

ADDENDUM - 9/26/11

Wow!  Jon Stewart made my exact point tonight on The Daily Show!  I'm so proud.



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