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Monday, September 26, 2011

More health talk

I went to my gyn for my annual exam, and she said my last blood test, in July, revealed very low iron (hematocrit=32; it should be 40).  And I said, no, it's an artifact of having just donated blood and having had my period just prior to the test.  But she was pretty insistent, even after I asked her to check the previous test, from January (hematocrit=39).  For maybe the first time ever, I'm just going to ignore her.  I love both my doctors (good thing, since I see them a lot) and I totally appreciate them being proactive about my health.  But it's starting to feel like they find something every single time I go in, requiring follow up visits and more meds or supplements.  Larry goes to the doctor once a decade and at his appointment last week, his doctor said everything looks good.  Holy crap!  I eat better than he does, he drinks gallons of coffee and smokes cigarettes!  But I take a pile of pills and have a new problem every six months!  It's not fair.  I think the contrast of his clean bill of health along side my doctor finding yet another problem is really too much.


Absolutely no schadenfreude intended, but Larry did not get off scot free.  His cholesterol is pretty high, 305 (LDL=239) so his doctor prescribed lipitor.  I'm not happy, but at least I'm not the only one who's actually showing signs of aging!



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