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Thursday, October 20, 2011

More on Twilight quote

Someone who can only be described as quite an intellectual giant felt the need to weigh in on this Facebook conversation:

Twilight seems to appeal to those that have a higher level of immaturity and are quite pathetic. It's teen girl driven simply because it's boring and you lose brain cells with every page.

The delicious irony of this comment is that my very last interaction with this person was last year at a book club meeting.  We were supposed to be discussing Dara Horn's excellent civil war novel, All Other Nights, but this person hadn't even read it.  We spent half the time listening to her yammer on about all the reality TV shows that she loves, like Sister Wives and My Super Sweet 16 (talk about the loss of brain cells!!)  Her and another woman in the group managed to fit in a little Twilight bashing that night (see my entry on January 28, 2010).  I didn't comment at that time, because they were only trying to get under my skin, and I couldn't care less what they think, since they haven't read the book. Ditto this Facebook exchange.  The whole thing definitely falls under the category of "pathetic".

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