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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend movies

Moneyball - Larry and I went out to see this while his mom stayed home with the kids after Alana's birthday party; fun and interesting, quite a tour-de-force by Brad Pitt.  Not sure it will really stick with me, though.

Win-Win - I'd heard raves about this Paul Giamatti vehicle and the praise is well deserved; a very involving story about ambition, relationships, the limits of forgiveness, and the scope of the modern family

Mars Needs Moms - one of the few animated movies from the summer that the kids missed; glad I watched it with them; it was fun, and of course Mom is a major factor!

The American - surprisingly dull and rather pointless; way too much nudity for my taste too.  Not sure why George Clooney felt the need to bring this story (from the novel, A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth*) to the screen, except that he got to film in Italy near his villa.  So glad I didn't make the effort to see this in the theater.

Scorpion King 2 - Cal and I watched this straight to video prequel while he was home sick during the week.  Not amazing but fairly entertaining for what it was.

*This is from the Booklist review on Amazon.com: "Haunting, shocking, and tense, Booth's story is a charismatic blend of psychological thriller, vivid drama, searing morality tale, and profound psychological study. His writing is crisp yet lyrical, simple yet intelligent. Readers looking for thought-provoking literary fiction can't do any better than this."  They did not manage to translate this onto the screen!



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