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Sunday, June 05, 2011

MTV Movie Award Show

The show didn't seem quite as ridiculous as it struck me last year.  I enjoyed some of the guests, and a few of the jokes.  I only watched last year for New Moon, but this year, I wasn't really rooting for Eclipse.  Partly because it was going to win certain categories anyway, including Best Kiss (which it did), and partly because I didn't think it was a great movie.  Good, but not outstanding.

Of course, I was especially excited about the Breaking Dawn trailer that they were going to premiere, which I thought was f-ing brilliant - it had everything the fans wanted to see (as indicated by the screams from the audience), namely, Jacob's bare chest, the wedding, the headboard, and the baby bump.  The only thing they left for later - the feathers (and Summit released a photo a few months ago of Kristen's hand covered in feathers, so . . . been there, done that!) 

As for the show, I must say I thought Jason Sudeikis as terrible.  Ricky Gervais was criticized when he hosted the Golden Globes, for being too mean, but at least he was funny.  Jason S was just mean, without the humor.  I guess that appeals to MTV's target audience, but I couldn't wait for him to shut up.  I especially thought his comment, "I might be a dad soon." was in extremely poor taste (his former girlfriend, January Jones, is pregnant and she has not publically acknowledged him, or anyone else, as the father).  He came across as a major asshole and not very funny either. 

Rob Pattinson gave part of the tribute to Reese Witherspoon, who was getting the Generations Award.  He is so odd.  He's not a very good presenter, and he boggled his punch lines.  Weirder and funnier was him dropping the F bomb and the censors completely missing it (they managed to catch Jason S's many obscenities, and they caught it when Reese said "motherfucker"!)  Matt and I wondered if MTV would get a fine for that, but a quick google search showed that cable channels are not regulated by the FCC. so they police themselves (even The Daily Show bleeps curse words).

Kristen Stewart was her usual awkward self.  Her acceptance speech for Best Female Performance was further evidence of why some fans think she's a jerk - she said "Twilight has the best fans," but then said it again as if mocking them.  I don't think she meant to seem like she was mocking the fans, but you could take it that way.  She just sucks at acceptance speeches.  Weird, because she's a terrific actress.

Final note - I just loved Reese Witherspoon's speech (as always) - she pointed out that she "came up in this business without a reality TV show or a sex tape."  She said she was trying to make it "cool" to be a good girl.  It was great!  She's swimming against a very strong tide, but if anyone can do it, she can.  Hurrah for the effort!



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