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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Male audience appeal

I recently watched an early trailer for the upcoming film I Don't Know How She Does It, based on the best selling book by Allison Pearson (which I loved, and so did a bunch of my friends).  I was sort of taken aback when I read this casting news from last year (which I came across by accident, while I was looking for something else):

In“Male Fantasy Turned Reality News,” Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and The Daily Show’s Olivia Munn have both signed on to I Don't Know How She Does It, an adaptation of Allison Pearson's novel. In “Crushing Blow to Male Fantasy News,” the film stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a businesswoman simultaneously raising two children, a situation which apparently even in 2010 is so implausible that it causes one to exclaim, “I Don’t Know How She Does It!”

This was on a website called AV-Club.  While attempting to ignore the snide comment on Sarah Jessica Parker (indicating exactly the target audience of this site), I think it's bizarre to suggest that the casting of these two actresses was done to appeal to male viewers (which is explicitly stated in an LA Times article linked to the AV Club).  a) Men aren't going to watch this movie, no matter who's in it. b) Those actresses also have female fans.  c) Can't women have some movies made unapologetically for them?  We buy movie tickets too.



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