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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Synogogue drama

Our synagogue president resigned abruptly this week.  This seems like an indicator of serious issues regarding our institution.  He is not an especially thin-skinned person as far as I can tell.  I actually really disliked him when I was first on the Board, but I have developed a lot of respect for him in the past year and I feel really bad that things have deteriorated to this point.  He is very committed to the temple and his leaving cannot be a good sign for our synagogue.  His resignation letter talked about lack of trust in his leadership by the rabbi and Executive Committee, and, although I have no idea what the particulars are, it made me think of my own (much more minor) leadership debacle.  It's so easy for people to sit on the sidelines and criticize and undermine the person who's taking all the heat out front.  The irony is that we already had a leadership dilemma, since none of the current vice presidents wanted to take over when this president's term was over.  Now the term is truncated, and the "first vice president" is going to fill in, but likely under some duress  What are we doing, if we're burning out our most committed volunteers?



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