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Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm just tired

Godammit. It's just all too much. We drop Larry in Phoenix halfway through our vacation so he can fly home to see his dad, and thank God we did, because he died the next day. We drive down to Tucson for 36 hours, which I never wanted to do; it's insanely hot and the whole idea was to spend this vacation NORTH, not drive up and down the state and spend the vacation in the car. Then we spend all day traveling on Sunday, though thank goodness all our flights were on time. We get up and repack and drive down to NJ on Monday so that we can attend the funeral on Tuesday (the burial is on Long Island, 2 hours - each way! - from the service). Then we have to RACE home to Syracuse to pick up Jasmine on Wednesday, who is coming a week earlier than I had planned because the CNY area Fresh Air coordinator made an error on our paperwork. I need this like a hole in the head. Plus I have to spend $20 to change the YMCA camp date. And I have to miss the book club meeting that I signed up for that I was REALLY looking forward to. It feels YET AGAIN like "no good deed goes unpunished." Why is everything so complicated?



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