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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Child murders in upstate

WTF is going on in Oneida County??? (East of Syracuse)

Today a 21-year old dad shot his 3-month old baby in front of his house as state troopers watched (they later shot him, but not until he threatened them).

Over the weekend, a 13-year old (male) babysitter killed a 2-year by banging her head against the floor and hitting her head with the refrigerator door, among other things. He had sat for the family before and had no known behavior problems. Comments at the news sites that I visited were mostly concerned with the sitter being too young and "kids today" being generally immature . . . as if this henious and inexplicable act was a result of watching too much TV or having "helicopter parents." Weird and creepy (both the crime and the response). The news reporting has been uneven too - some reports say the mother checked on the baby at 1 a.m., others say the sitter stayed overnight. I read one report that said the toddler had been sexually assaulted. It's unclear exactly what happened, which seems odd, considering it's 4 days later.



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