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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse opening night

I had no intention of seeing the movie opening night, but, in the end, I found I didn't want to wait. I was sitting at my friend Diane's house in Flagstaff, on vacation, and reading something online about Eclipse (at the TwilightMoms website of course) and I thought, "Why am I sitting here reading about it when I could be watching it?" It was playing every hour on the half hour at the local multiplex, so it was easy enough to just head over and catch the next show. It wasn't sold out, but we did have to sit rather close. Matt and Caleb came with me.

I really enjoyed it. I was very aware of some scenes being condensed (e.g., when Edward comes back from the hunt and they canoodle on the bed, and then later get engaged - two separate scenes in the book and just one scene in the movie), and some minor changes (like Bella calls Edward "old fashioned" in the book and "old school" in the movie), and of course favorite lines left out, but I thought it was fun and very watchable. Lots of kissing - I approve! I thought they covered the basics of the book very well. They kept things moving along, and I thought they switched between intimate scenes and "action" quite nicely.

I can imagine that people who came for the action (like Caleb!) were disappointed (he was!) - the ads emphasized the action, but it was a total of maybe 20% of the film. Of course, I was pretty happy with the balance.

I thought Bryce Dallas Howard was fine as Victoria, though not great. I loved Rachel Lefevre, and thought she made a better Victoria - she was more substantial and more menancing (BDH is too cute & sweet looking). But Victoria was less present in Eclipse than I had expected, so I didn't think the actress change mattered as much as I thought it might.

I want to see the movie again in the theater. Partly because sitting close (and off to one side) made the all important close-up scenes a little hard to focus on. Plus, I just enjoyed it, and want to watch again. Cal asked to go with me, but he was seriously bored during the movie, which he seems to have forgotten (which is sort of sweet and sort of irritating).



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