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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I join the digital age!

I had to download the KINDLE ap onto my Blackberry so that I could read Winter's Passage. It's a novella that's book 1.5 of the Iron Fey series (a bridge story between the first and second novels). It's only available as an ebook, so I had to figure it out! I asked Larry about how to read an ebook if I don't have a Kindle and he said, use the ap!

Meredith had given me the first book (along with a huge stack of books) and I read it on vacation. It was very good. The second book comes out next month.

Kinda blows my mind to think about reading a book on my PHONE, but I'm game. And this is a good one to start with, because it's very short. It just took a couple of minutes to download the ap and another couple minutes to get the book from Amazon. Larry's been offering to get me a Kindle for awhile and I've said no, but now I'm thinking I might want one. Ebooks are cheaper, and man, oh man, the convenience.



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