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Saturday, May 08, 2010

More health concerns

Saw my endocrinologist this week. She did a bunch of blood tests and called me back saying that my cholesterol is high. Of course, it's the same number I've had for a couple decades - 203 - but my HDL is borderline (41, but it should be 50+), so I guess now (as I'm getting older) it's time to start being concerned. My LDL is borderline too - 121 - in the acceptable range, but it should ideally be closer to 100. She recommended Zocor, but I don't want to start taking statins yet. I'm going to do some recommended stuff, like increase my cardio exercise and my fiber intake, and see if I can get that number to move - my next appointment is late October. If I can't get that number up a bit, I'll start the drugs, maybe next year.

Other recommended actions:
Less transfats
More fish
More wine
More cranberry juice
More monounsaturated fats (peanut butter, olive oil)

For the cardio, Larry and I went to the Zumba class at the YMCA this week. We didn't love it, but decided that Thursday will be Family Exercise Night at the Y - we can hit the gym or whatever.

ADDENDUM 7/10/2010

I finally got a copy of medical records from my last doctor in Philadelphia. The cholsterol news is not good - the numbers from 2002 were better than now: HDL = 46 and LDL = 105. So both have declined over 8 years. Makes it harder to argue with my doctor against starting drugs, but we'll see what the numbers look like in October.



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