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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Blind Dating"

I really wanted to like this 2006 movie. Chris Pine (of Star Trek fame) is adorable and gives an appealing performance as a blind man looking for love. It's such a compelling story - how can you not root for this guy?

But the movie doesn't know how to pick a tone! First, it's a ranchy, sexed-up comedy, with Danny's therapist (Jane Seymour, wife of director, Stacy Keach) stripping down to her underwear for no discernable reason, and one of his blind dates pushing his face into her breasts and another doing an unsexy strip tease, which, of course, he can't see.

Meanwhile, he's fallen in love with the lovely receptionist (newcomer, Anjali Jay) at his doctor's office, where he is contemplating an experimental surgery to partially restore his sight. This story is full of drama, and a bit of melodrama, as the surgery doesn't work out quite the way it was planned, and the romance hits a snag when Leeza, the receptionist, decides to honor her Indian family traditions rather than follow her heart.

It's like there were two movies that got crammed into one. The first is aimed at teenage boys and the other is aimed at people like me, who actually like movies about real people and real emotions. If you can ignore the sophomoric stuff, it's not a bad romance. And I guess if you just came for the breasts, there's enough of those for you. But it could have been a far better movie if they had just decided which one they wanted to make.



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