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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Twilight collection

Yes, I'm completely embarrassed that I've felt the need to buy all the books and movies. However, I'm ridiculously smug about what a good deal I've gotten on everything.

It all started when there was a copy of the original book on the sale shelf at the library, so I got the 1st book for 50 cents.

Then I ordered the 2nd book used online for $5, including the shipping.

Then I bought the 1st movie with a coupon at Borders for $18, and the 2nd movie at DeepDiscount.com for $20 (both a big savings off the list price).

Then I got the 3rd book with a coupon at Borders for $8.50.

So I spent about $50 for my entire collection. (Dawn copied the two movie soundtracks for me - which I totally don't approve of, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying so. So I got those for free.)

The 4th book isn't out in paperback yet. According to Amazon, it's due in August 2010 - TWO YEARS after the hardcover. I've never heard of a paperback edition taking more than a year, but god bless 'em if they can keep making money on it (the paperback is out in the UK, so you could probably get it at Amazon.uk, if you were that obsessed). I have no need for the hardcover of the book, so I'm waiting for that one, if I buy it at all - I've heard some pretty withering things about the way she wraps things up, including Jacob imprinting on the Bella's infant daughter, ewww. [I later read Meredith's copy and liked it very much.]

Anyway, the 3rd movie is out in theaters in June, so will probably be on DVD in time for the holidays. Should be plenty of Borders coupons that time of year (assuming I'm still interested).

ADDENDUM July 2010

Here's how far I've fallen. When I saw the "official" Eclipse movie book in the store, it occurred to me that I could get the movie companion guide from the first movie for cheap online because used copies are certainly available by now. Then I cashed in some change at CoinStar for an Amazon gift card and thought, hey, I could get the other two movie books pretty cheap too I'll bet. And, coincidentally, the fourth novel is finally arriving in paperback and is super discounted at Amazon. So here's my full collection (the last 3 items were bought together, so the shipping was free; though I have to wait a couple weeks for them to be shipped together):

Twilight "Offical Illustrated Movie Companion" for just $3 (+$4 shipping)
New Moon movie companion book $13
Eclipse movie companion book $10 (almost half the retail price!)
Breaking Dawn in paperback $9 (also almost half price)



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