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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney and Capitalism

I heard Howard Dean on MSNBC this morning comment on Romney, saying that the way he is refusing to submit tax returns and be upfront about his role at Bain goes to the core of why people are reluctant to vote for him - basically that they don't trust him.

But I think this is are much more than an election issue - it goes to the core of what's wrong with capitalism:

Romney is a very, very rich man. He hasn't worked at all for several years, and he owns multiple homes, and has created trusts for all 5 of his sons with large amounts of money in them. And I don't care that he's rich.  But even though he is probably in the 1% of the 1%, he still feels the need to HIDE HIS MONEY so that he does't have to pay taxes on it - offshore accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans, and god only knows what else.

My question is why? Why does he need all that money? Why does he have to protect it from being taxed? He has more than he could ever use in a dozen lifetimes, but still he he hoards it.

And the system is designed for exactly his type of wealth - our tax code is full of rules and loopholes that allow the super rich to protect their money from being shared.  Why?  It's the fundamental flaw in our system.  I love entrepreneurship.  I love the opportunity that America offers.  But why, when you get to that level, do you still have to protect all your loot?

I understand no one wants to pay more taxes, but when you're that rich, what the hell is your reason?



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