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Sunday, March 25, 2012

J Street Conference

The conference is really intense, with sessions packed into the schedule back to back.  There's no time to take a break during the day, but I'm walking 6 blocks between my hotel and the conference center in the mornings and evenings, and spring is springing so beautifully in D.C.:

Probably my favorite session was this terrific movie, My So-Called Enemy, and the film maker, Lisa Gossels, who introduced the film and answered questions afterward.  Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive to bring the film for a showing, so I don't think our brand new Syracuse chapter will be able to host her any time soon unless we can find some co-sponsors for it:

Rabbi Donniel Hartman, who runs an education and research institute in Israel (founded by his father, David Hartman), was one of my favorite speakers:

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