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Friday, November 09, 2012

Half a century!

Today I turn 50. WTF?


On Facebook, I asked “What have I been doing for 50 years?” - these were the lovely answers:
Sonia Stamm: Creating connections and making your own mark on this planet. Oh, and cultivating a loyal FB following. Happy today!
Adrienne Berger: I've had 3 years to try to figure out the exact same question, and I'm still wracking my brain. But I know you'll succeed a lot faster than I. Plus you have a ginormous number personal and professional accomplishments (and two cute blondies are the proudest ones!). And some of the biggest ones: you still have an enviable passion for life, a sharp intellectual curiosity, and you're a MENSH!)
Stessa Cohen:  I second and third the "mensch" comment!!!!
Janet Shipley: You've been riding the crazy ride we're all riding. Happy Birthday Danielle! Lean into this and make it your own. (Show me how, I'm right behind)
Barbara Humphrey: Happy birthday. I think the more appropriate question is--what the heck are you going to do for the next 50?
Donna Marsh O’Connor: Happy birthday, dear friend. You are an amazing woman, an amazing mom and a comforting friend. I love how we met and that we continue to support the causes we care about. No one is saner. Love you, Danielle!
Maureen Pomeroy: Championing many a good cause!
Diane Immethun: Having known you 43 years, I'd say you've done a ton... Three degrees, motherhood, world travel, survived tragedy, offered us all a glimpse into unconditional love... Happy birthday BEST friend! I'm honored to have you in my life.



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