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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latest movies

Saw several movies this past week/weekend~

Sparkle - Not a bad film, but I was a bit disappointed; it's just packed with cliches and the music is not as catchy as I expected (or as catchy as it should be - Dreamgirls' music is much better). I wanted to see Whitney's last performance and she was good, though she's a bit hampered by the character's perpetually bitter mien - the only scene where she really shines is that last one, where Whitney's joyous spirit is allowed to come through. Worth seeing for Derek Luke, who is a very compelling screen presence.

ParaNorman - Took the kids to see this at the drive-in. It's fun and charming; a bit more intense and scary than I expected, though it didn't bother the kids.

21 Jump Street - Cal and I watched this one night when Alana was away; it's pretty funny - I laughed quite a bit, though of course there's more dick jokes than I require in a comedy; the highlight is the many mocking references to the original show that work better than they should, including Ice Cube as the angry program director. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by Johnny Depp is fun but a bit disappointing. My favorite parts were two running gags - the female teacher who finds Channing Tatum irresistible, and having Jonah Hill as the big man on campus while Channing Tatum flounders as a loser (strained but funny).



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