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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Glee Project

The kids and I had a great time watching this show over the summer.  We got very caught up in the contestants, the winners and losers, and the various possibilities they represented for the scripted show.

I noted earlier that the more offbeat contestants seemed to be eliminated early, and so we shouldn't have been surprised that the ultimate winner, Blake Jenner (20, Miami, FL), was truly the most conventional and most vanilla person in the contest.

Even Larry, who only watched a couple episodes with us, and wasn't paying especially close attention, commented without any prompting that Blake was an awfully safe choice.

I started to think about halfway through the show that Ryan Murphy, and the other writers and producers, probably knew from the very beginning who they wanted to win, based on their vision for the scripted show's 4th season. I could be overly cynical, but Blake is such a blatant clone of Finn, who will be mostly absent this season, it now seems like he was virtually preordained to win.

He obviously terrifically talented, and no less deserving than any of the others, but I guess we feel a bit gypped to think that we got invested in a competition that probably wasn't much of a contest after all.



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