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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend movies

Been busy, so I haven't seen too many movies lately.

Lockout - Larry and I finally watched this On Demand, after missing it in theaters (though he fell asleep halfway through, which is not a reflection on the film - he does that a lot). Although the laws of physics were suspended for the duration, it was very entertaining - not too gory and I laughed a lot. Only complaint - I felt very cheated by no kiss between the leads (Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace), especially since they had decent chemistry.  :(

Ice Age: Continental Drift - I saw this with the kids and it was pretty durn entertaining - cute with some very funny moments; I'm impressed that they manage to keep the story fresh, considering the rather flimsy premise.

A Turtle Tale: Sammy's Adventure (2010) - Alana and I watched this on video; it's actually a Belgium film, made in French, and later dubbed with well-known American actors for US release (including Melanie Griffiths and Ed Begley). It's quite an entertaining little story about a sea turtle born in 1959, but it's also specifically designed to educate kids about some of the difficulties that confront ocean creatures due to human actions, including oil spills, fishing techniques, and dumping trash. Alana enjoyed it, but I'm not sure she completely caught the lesson. They're working on a sequel.



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