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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Glee Project

We didn't watch this show last summer, but since we watch Glee, we thought we should see who's going to join the cast in the fall. As it turns out, the show is pretty compelling (and quite fun), and Alana and I are die hard fans (Cal sort of comes along for the ride).

I've noticed that while the cast of Season 2 was very diverse in the beginning, the elimination process seems to have culled most of the people who are not conventional and conventionally good looking (by which I mean Blake, Michael, Ali, Aylin and Shanna) - the two androgynous women, Dani and Nellie, are both gone, and the black guy, Mario, and the transgender guy, Tyler, are also gone. The only unconventional looking contestants left are the heavy girl, Lily, and the androgynous guy, Abraham (and they've both been in the bottom 3 more than once, so their prospects to actually win are somewhat low).

To be fair, Samuel Larsen, last year's winner (he played Joe Hart on Glee), was not conventional looking, and the runner-up last year was a transgender black guy.  But it seems like this year's trend is toward conventional, which is sort of a shame and sort of a surprise.  There's only 4 weeks left (and 7 contestants), so we'll know their final decision(s) soon enough (they said there will only be one winner this year, so they have a lot of people to eliminate in a fairly short time).



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