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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mad Men

What a thoroughly depressing episode!  This scene was as painful to watch as the one last week between Don and Peggy was moving. And Don complaining that he can't trust Lane - delicious irony!  While I thought this scene was effective, I thought having Lane commit suicide was lame. Suicide in real life is the ultimate manipulation and it's the same in TV drama - when you've run out of ideas, have a major character off themselves. Lazy. But I understand that all the other characters' behavior in the show is ultimately there to frame Don and his moral struggles. This, along with the impact of Joan's choice and Peggy's departure, gives the writers lots to work with in the coming season.

I read some grumbling on other blogs about Don's presentation to Dow, but I thought it was awesome - classic Don.  "What is happiness?  The moment before you need more happiness."  And Roger was marvelous in this episode.  His line after the presentation was one of several classic Roger deliveries - "I'll buy you a drink after you wipe the blood off your mouth."

Only one episode left; 13 episodes in a season - what a gyp!



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