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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend movies

It was Alana's Choice all weekend, because Caleb was away on a boy scout camping trip.

Hop - we watched this On Demand; it was kind of odd, not quite what I was expecting, but charming in it's way, with a strong theme of father-son reconciliation, some cute humor (Hank Azaria is great), and a nice melding of animation and live action.

Side note on casting - James Marsden is at least 10 years older than the character he plays - was he the only actor available? Elizabeth Perkins, who plays his mother, is only 13 years older than he is.  Head scratcher. Though I supposed kids, the target audience for this film, aren't going to notice.

Chimpanzee - Quite an interesting film; I found myself being amazed the whole time by the footage they managed to capture - there's a nice little Making Of featurette during the ending credits.  Side note - I could have lived without the scene where the chimps catch and eat a monkey - who knew?



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