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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend movies

Enjoyed a couple of movies this weekend:

War Horse - watched On Demand with the family on Friday night; much more interesting and moving than I expected and really great family entertainment.

The Lucky One - I was sort of dragged to this with my friend Dawn, but I enjoyed this much more than I expected - Zac Efron was very affecting as a Marine Corp soldier recovering from his third tour in Iraq, and the movie was beautifully filmed, making excellent use of locations in Louisiana.

Two notes on this movie~

I thought the movie was sexy as hell because they showed just enough to be yummy without being overly graphic. I'm not a fan of the recent trend of being overly raunchy ala Bridesmaids, or overly explicit ala Friends with Benefits.  I thought this film got it just right.

Although the ladies have been melting for Zac E for years, he never did it for me - I thought he was cute but not all that appealing; I guess I like my men moody and tortured, because in this role I found him quite compelling, and I never noticed before how hot he is. Hmm, sort of embarrassing to be lusting after someone young enough to be my son.



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