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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Weekend entertainment

I can't believe that I didn't watch a single movie over the weekend, but I did catch up on several TV series.  I watched several week's worth of Smash (on NBC), which I thought was getting boring until Derek and Tom had a marvelous argument about their friendship and the theater business which woke me right up and will keep me watching for awhile.  I watched several week's worth of Awake, which is insanely moving for a pretty formulaic cop show.  I watched several episodes of In Plain Sight (on USA), which were definitely an improvement on the season premiere, but the series still doesn't feel nearly as compelling as the first season. I watched some episodes of Happy Endings, which were mostly mildly amusing - that show is starting to feel more contrived than it was initially, though it's still entertaining.  I also watched part of the first episode of Magic City (on Starz), but I thought it was a snooze - I can't see myself making the effort for this one.



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