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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shameless on Showtime

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, there's a little sidebar in the TV section, with point-counterpoint views on Shameless: "Love it or Loathe it."  The love side talked about how fun it is to watch people behaving badly, while the loathe side objects to the show playing "a lack of love and moral guidance" for laughs.

My own love, nay, obsession, with the show has to do with how compelling I find the characters (due to stellar writing and insanely great acting).  I adore the way that Kevin, contrary to expectations, is so sweet to Ethel, and how fierce the practical Debbie is in trying to protect Fiona from "Jimmy." And they completely break my heart as well - I could hardly stand to watch Fiona cry in the bathroom after her confrontation with Craig's wife, or to watch Ian's face fall when he realizes that the recruiter came for Lip, not him.  I just want to gather them all in my arms and give them a hug (except for Frank and Karen).



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