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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Birth control/insurance rule

I was initially sympathetic to the groups protesting the imposition by the Obama Administration of new insurance coverage rules (specifically, the Catholic Church), until I started to listen to various proxies speaking on the issue. Then I just got sort of disgusted. The claims by speakers are ridiculous and wrong, and they exaggerate the situation hugely, to score political points. Claiming that the 1st Amendment is being violated, and religious freedom is attacked, are a stretch, but, more to the point, organizations are not being required to provide services or care, they are only being required to provide insurance coverage that includes birth control and other health services.

There seems little interest in the fact that 28 states have similar laws already, including 8 without the religious exemption contained in the federal rule.

I've heard repeatedly that the outrage is a much a reaction to the process than to the outcome, as some religious representatives involved in the compromise feel they were betrayed during the final phases of the negotiation.

I'm sure this will get worked out to everyone's satisfaction eventually, though not until the left, and the especially right, have wrung all the political capital they can from the issue.



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