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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend movies

Watched a couple of interesting videos this weekend~

Breaking and Entering (2006) - Anthony Minghella's final film, before his untimely death in 2008.  I liked the film a lot, it's very textured and complicated, with excellent performances by everyone, and lots of thoughtful dialog. It's also really visually beautiful.  My only complaint is with the morality of the film, which I wasn't totally comfortable with; I thought Jude Law's character got off really easy, and in the end, the film didn't say as much about class differences as I hoped it might.  This is really a quibble though, it's a wonderful film.

You Cant Be Neutral on a Moving Train (2004) - this biopic of Howard Zinn is excellent, and also a bit poignant to watch after HZ's death in January last year.  My only complaint is that it's a bit short - only 80 minutes - and I was left wanting more. 



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