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Friday, August 26, 2011

America, Israel & natural disasters

Apparently John McTernan, a British political strategist, wrote a very prescient book called God's Final Warning to America in which, among other valuable obvservations, he presents evidence that every time the US criticizes or doesn't support Israel, something bad happens.

This important information was given to me by Larry, who heard it from a Jewish friend of ours.  I wasn't especially surprised that the friend is touting this, as he's shared some of his other views with me, but I was a bit shocked that Larry was buying it.  When I asked him if he really believes that God punishes America for not supporting Israel, he said, "It's a very long list."

You can see some of the list here.  As a person versed in statistics (specifically, the principle that correlation does not equal causation), as well as generally being connected with reality, I find this beyond ridiculous.  Even if you could make the case for these two things (criticism and disaster) happening together, which apparently you can, it still says absolutely nothing about God's intentions or Israel's rightness.  In fact, I would suggest that it mostly indicates that bad things are constantly happening and can therefore be linked with anything else that is also always happeneing!  It actually annoys me when Jews resort to this kind of thing to protect Israel.  It makes us look crazy, like Michelle Bachman.


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