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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cholesterol update

My doctor had wanted to put me on Zocor because my cholesterol has been slipping toward a worse number (it's been borderline for many years), but recommended that I take the fasting cholesterol test first, as it provides more accurate numbers - see entry on 11/16/10.

I got my results this week, and I was pretty stoked - I'm still borderline, but my trigylceride number is much better, and all 3 are basically close to the acceptable range (total is 172):

My LDL is ok (105, <100 is best); my HDL is still low (38, and it should be >50); my trigylceride number is great - 146 (best is <150; mine is down from 248).  I've got to get that HDL up, but it doesn't look like Zocor is in my immediate future (for now).

Side note: while bragging about my improved numbers to Larry, he showed me the test he had a few months ago - his trigylceride number was 566!  That's very bad, putting him at increased risk of both heart and liver disease; this elevated number is due at least partly to smoking, but he could make some better food choices and get that down (e.g., less processed meats, fewer sweets, more fiber)



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