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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend movies

The Town - Larry and I took advantage of his mother's visit for Alana's BD party to get out to the theater without having to pay a sitter!  I loved this movie - it was intense and intelligent and just chock full of terrific performances.  Actually worth the price of a ticket, which I haven't be able to say about theater movies that I've seen lately.

Toy Story 3 - Cal saw this over the summer, but Alana and I missed it.  It arrived at our local second run theater (just $2.50 a ticket!) so we took advantage of the kids being out of school on Monday and went to an afternoon show.  I really liked the movie a lot, but it was a little intense for Alana - the toys being threatened by scary toys and almost being incinerated!  Too much for her.  But the scene where Andy and Bonnie play with the toys at the end of the movie had me wiping away tears.  Sweet as heck.  Really glad that I finally saw this.



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