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Monday, October 11, 2010

Clinton rally in Syracuse

I heard about this on FB and then from several friends over the weekend.  I debated about it, but since my sitter was available, I decided I would regret it if I didn't go. It was great and exciting to be there. But overall it was a bit disappointing. I was hoping to get a blood-pounding speech (I think, like a lot of Dems, I'm seriously in need of inspiration), but Clinton was very restrained and wonky, talking about the deficit and such. And there were very few speakers before he arrived, so there was a lot of just standing around - I thought they would have lined up some local politicians to keep the crowd engaged while we waited (as has been the case at other events like this that I have attended in other places). Also, they turned people away because there were supposedly too many people there (I only got in because I knew a guy, Dan from the Miner campaign, at the entrance, thank goodness), but it wasn't really that crowded, and they had part of the hangar blocked off for no discernable reason. I didn't bump into any of my local political friends who I usually see at these things, like Donna, Barbara, Michelle, Joe, Terry, or Mike, or even the people who had told me about the event.  I did see Dan Fellman from our synagogue there, but all he did was insult my tshirt (just kidding).



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